Hunton Law

Legal Counsel for Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations

Legal Counsel for Nonprofits, Foundations & Social Enterprises

Hunton Law offers the following services:

  • legal entity formation
  • tax considerations in forming and operating entities
  • fiscal sponsorship
  • applying for tax-exempt status
  • compliance with tax-exempt status and reporting requirements
  • advising on activities subject to IRS restrictions, including earned income and revenue generating activities, unrelated business taxable income, political campaigning, lobbying, excess benefit transactions, private inurement, private benefit
  • private foundation grantmaking and investing
  • advising on governance
  • corporate documentation and policies, including conflict of interest, compensation, fundraising, gift acceptance, document management, internal controls, and fraud prevention
  • contract negotiation and drafting
  • legal arrangements and transactions between for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations
  • advising on employment laws
  • fundraising registration and agreements