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Must-Read New Book on Social Enterprise

I have been thoroughly enjoying reading Neetal Parekh’s recently published book, 51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship, on how to create social impact through business.

The book has already received numerous stellar reviews, but if you need even more reasons to pick up a copy:

  • The book is fun to read!  Its question and answer format, woven throughout a cohesive story of three social entrepreneurs, grabs the reader’s attention and effectively teaches legal and business concepts.

  • If you are ever having a slow day, or have hit an inspiration slump, then this book will pick you up and recharge you.  The author’s enthusiasm for all topics at the intersection of social innovation and law is irresistible.

  • The book gracefully challenges notions that the law is hesitant to adapt and timid in the face of change, highlighting examples of new legislation, regulations, and policies that represent the building blocks of the legal infrastructure for social impact.

  • The case studies on social enterprise throughout the world illustrate the range of efforts emerging globally.  The array is stunning!

Check out the book on the Innov8Social website, along with other tools, resources, and services available from Innov8Social.