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Cooperatives as Revolutionary Business Models for Social Impact

Impact Law Forum kicked off its 2015 event series with a well-attended presentation on how cooperative businesses are shaping the landscape of the new economy and what legal practitioners need to know to support the growth of these revolutionary business models for social impact. 

The presentation was led by Sushil Jacob, Director of the Green-Collar Communities Clinic (GC3) and Staff Attorney at the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC), and Ricardo Nunez, Director of Legal Services and Cooperatives Program Director at the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC).  Attendees included practicing attorneys, staff at legal organizations, clinics, and firms, law students and individuals interested in becoming lawyers. 

Ricardo and Sushil’s presentation slides can be accessed here:

For substantive legal information on cooperative models, including legal guides and resources for practical use, visit SELC’s website. 

Be sure to check the event listings for GC3, EBCLC, and SELC, where you can learn about upcoming workshops and legal cafes covering community enterprise, justice, and advocacy issues.