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Fast Forward Accelerator for Tech Nonprofits

I am delighted to serve as a mentor for five stellar startups participating in this summer’s Fast Forward accelerator program.  Launched in early 2014 by cofounders Shannon Farley and Kevin Barenblat, Fast Forward is an accelerator designed exclusively for nonprofits using technology to improve the world. 

All of the startups use technologies to dramatically improve health and education outcomes for individuals living in poverty.  This summer’s cohort includes:

Medic Mobile: Mobile communication platform for remote health workers, started in a Stanford dorm room and now helping reach the 1B people who will never see a doctor in their lives.

MoneyThink: Tech-enhanced personal finance mentorship for underserved teens, targeting those under 25 (America's fastest growing group filing for bankruptcy).

Noora Health: Low-cost interactive patient care education platform, lowering hospital readmissions and saving lives.

One Degree: Yelp for social services, building a discovery platform for the 1.3M Bay Area residents living in poverty trying to navigate thousands of local offerings.

SIRUM: for medicine, a platform connecting the $5B of unused medicine that goes to waste each year with the institutions and populations that need it most.

Each of the teams has great potential to bring about significant impact.  I look forward to seeing their growth, successes, and challenges over the next months and years.