Hunton Law

Legal Counsel for Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations

Legal Counsel for Nonprofits, Foundations & Social Enterprises

Hunton Law provides a range of legal services to maximize social impact for the following types of clients:

  • nonprofit organizations, including public benefit, mutual benefit, and religious corporations

  • Section 501(c)(3) organizations, including public charities, private operating foundations, and private grantmaking foundations

  • Section 501(c)(4), 501(6), 501(c)(7), and other tax-exempt organizations

  • relationships and arrangements between nonprofit and for-profit entities, including:

    • contract hybrids

    • revenue generating activities and subsidiaries

    • commercial fundraising


"Toniic worked with Zoe on multiple projects, and Zoe always provided great guidance in a timely fashion. We were positively impressed by Zoe's ability to navigate complexity and focus on the key points."  - Dario Parziale, Manager at Toniic, The Global Action Community for Impact Investors

"Our small non-profit used Zoe Hunton and her legal services to file for 501c3 status, and the experience was painless and professional. Zoe guided us through the filing process, advised us on all legal and strategic decisions, provided research and relevant information al along the way, and we received our IRS legal non-profit status within three months. She is very reasonable, fastidious in her work, and just a lovely person to work with! Highly recommend."  - Maureen Blanc, Director of Charge Across Town

"Zoe is an extremely competent, reliable, honest non-profit attorney who I have used multiple times. She has helped me create a solid infrastructure for the Boldly Me organization that has helped us scale. Her high integrity, attention to detail, and honest nature make her an asset to any organization. Put simply, I can count on her to get things done. I highly recommend Zoe and plan to use her services for decades.” - Alanna Powell, President/CEO of Boldly Me

“I run a social venture that provides mentorship and educational resources to students all over the U.S. I have reached out to Zoe multiple times for advice and feedback and she has always been incredibly thorough in providing detailed guidance and resources. I have appreciated the level of thought and knowledge Zoe had with respect to the legal nuances of the social impact sector. She is definitely someone who can provide high-quality legal counsel for any social enterprise.” - Carl Shan, Co-Founder of CompassPoint Mentorship

"I am extremely grateful to the individual who gave me Zoe Hunton's name. At the time, we were dealing with issues around our non-profit status with various government agencies. From our initial conversation, Zoe was professional, informed, as well as a pleasure to work with. She gave us a clear and realistic picture about what we should expect. Zoe expertly guided us through the process of reinstatement. I highly recommend her services and would hire her again without reservation." - Amy Darling, Co-President of Friends of PreSchool Family

“I serve as the treasurer of a non profit organization, and we hired Zoe to help us navigate the maze involved in reestablishing our tax exempt status. She brought professionalism, expertise and a common sense approach to our problem and her responses to my many questions were timely and patient. Her services were a huge value, working with her was a pleasure, and I would not hesitate to hire her again.” - Kelly Jensen, Veterinarian

“Zoe Hunton has done an excellent job for our organization (for which I am the president and co-founder). We incorporated almost two years ago and were a long way from completing the process until we obtained Zoe's assistance. Her counsel was sound, her work was outstanding and well researched, and very punctual. I would highly recommend Zoe Hunton to any non-profit seeking legal counsel, formation, or addressing compliance issues.” - Gregory Osorio, President of Souljahs

“Ms. Hunton helped our nonprofit successfully file all the appropriate documents to apply for tax-exempt status, and provided legal expertise on several governance and insurance issues. I would highly recommend her as extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the area of nonprofit law.” - Kim Kruckel, Former Executive Director of Parent Voices Oakland